1912 Breton Reprint – 2018 Edition


This book is 268 pages in size, and contains the following:

  • All of the over 1000 obverse and reverse engravings of coins and tokens found in P.N. Breton’s 1894 guide.
  • All of the 198 original pages of this guide have been reproduced, with 70 pages added for pricing and for a Breton Number look-up index.
  • The Breton numbering system used by collectors and dealers for referencing pre 20 thcentury Canadian coins.
  • 400 engravings of 207 different medals.
  • The prices paid for coins, tokens and medals in 1912.
  • A section describing Courteau Numbers 251 to 319 for coins and tokens of Nova Scotia.
  • Pricing for Breton coins and tokens taken from the 7th Edition of the Professional Edition Price Guide for Canadian Coins by Brookstone Publishing, arranged in ascending by order of Breton Numbers.
  • An index to assist with matching a Breton Number to a Breton Token


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This book is 268 pages in size, and contains the following as stated in the forward:

This book is a reproduction of an original copy of P.N. Breton’s 1912 work titled “Popular Illustrated Guide to Canadian Coins, Medals, &, &.” It contains 427 images of 207 medals not found in P.N. Breton’s 1894 book titled “Illustrated History of Coins and Tokens Relating to Canada.”

This 1912 reprint includes prices that P.N. Breton was willing to pay for coins in 1912 (and later), which may help a collector ascertain relative present day value.

Several additions are also included in this book. An important one is present day pricing for Breton Tokens (numbered from 501 to 1013). Another is an index to assist with matching a Breton Token to a Breton Number – a task that is often very difficult and time consuming. A third addition is descriptions of Courteau Numbers 251 to 319 for tokens of Nova Scotia, including Eugene Courteau’s commentaries, found in his 1910 work “The Coins and Tokens of Nova Scotia”. Another is an index on the last two pages, for the various headings found within this book. All of these additions are at the back of this book, starting on page 199. They have been placed there to preserve P.N. Breton’s 1912 work as much as possible.


-2018 Reprint

-268 pages

-Softcover; 8.25″ x 5.24″ (20.955 cm x 13.30 cm)



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