NUMIS Sheets


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Click on to the options tab to view the wide selection of NUMIS sheets currently available. Please review to the guide sheet for sizing.

NUMIS Sheets with white interleaving: Per pack of 5 – $6.99

NUMIS sheets 1C – 3C: Per pack of 10 – $6.99

NUMIS Euro: for 3 complete Euro Mint sets incl. flag stickers – $11.99

NUMIS K50: For 2×2” coin holders (5 sheets per pack) – $4.99


Additional information

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 19 × 22.5 × 1 cm
Options for NUMIS sheets

NH2, NUMIS 66, NUMIS 55, NUMIS 44, NUMIS 34, NUMIS 25, NUMIS 17, NUMIS Mix, NUMIS Euro, NUMIS K50, NUMIS 1C, NUMIS 2VC, NUMIS 2C, NUMIS 3C, White interleaves (10 sheets per pack), NUMIS sheets assortment, 5 sheets to hold 10 sealed sets from the mint


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