The Standard Canada Precancel Catalogue — 7th Edition


This is the 7th edition, fully edited in Canada. The last issue was released in 2010. The listings have been extensively revised and updated to reflect current research. Up-to-date pricing, new entries and many new features make this the most comprehensive catalogue on the subject ever published.

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Just released, this edition replace the popular 2010, 6th Edition Standard Canada Precancel Catalogue.

Precancels remain one of the most interesting fields in Canadian philately and changes have been made which reflect current market values, as determined by auction prices realizations including the recent sale of the famous H.G. Walburn collection. The Perfin Precancel section has undergone a complete reassessment of the scarcity of these varieties. Many new listings and types have been added to the Constant Varieties section. Many new listings have been added to the catalogue, some found by enthusiastic collectors. Precancel prices listed in the catalogue represent the current market values for stamps in fine condition with no faults such as short perforations, thins or badly off centre items. The precancel must be clear and legible. Printing errors found in the previous edition have been corrected and precancels listed previously which could not be verified have been deleted.


  • numbering system based on the established Scott Numbering System used throughout North America
  • all currently known precancels listed and illustrated by style
  • a unique number code to identify the various precancels
  • illustrated listing of Canadian stamps that exist precancelled
  • net market values expressed in Canadian funds
  • Bar Precancels identification system developed and established by consultation
  • alphabetical listing of Town and City Precancels
  • many expanded listings
  • “Perfin” precancels revised and priced

Editors: David Marasco and Bruce Field.

108 pages

ISBN: 1-894763-56-4



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