Lighthouse Album Pages – Spain 1850-2017


Experience the fascinating world of stamp collecting! Philatelic and technical notes prepared by our editorial department.




The LIGHTHOUSE Album series has been prepared with so much expert knowledge and attention to detail, hence materials and production must be of a high quality.

With a large variety of over 140 million collection areas and editorial philatelic processing by our renowned editorial office. LIGHTHOUSE pre-printed albums satisfy even the demands of the experienced and avid philatelists.

Stamps of the same kind which vary in colour, perforation, or printing process have their individual characteristics noted on the respective album page. This only applies to stamps with MICHEL (Major) numbers and they include the year where required. This label can be located next to or, in the case of inlaid stamps, underneath the SF mount according to the type of information in question. In this way, we always ensure an aesthetically pleasing overall presentation.

Size: 270 x 297mm/13 hole system; Materials: Non-Ageing wood and acid free cardstock in high resolution black and white offset print. Mounts are free of chemical softeners and have a clear non-reflecting film the same size as the pre-printed stamps.

LIGHTHOUSE binders come with different mechanisms and designs, so you can decide which storage style best suits your needs.

Albums come with mounts.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 28 × 30 × 1 cm


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