• Stronger and stiffer than regular VARIO
• Compatible with regular VARIO
• Welded crystal clear pockets
• Suitable for all VARIO binders
• Overall size: 8 1/2 x 11″ (216 x 280 mm)

Regular VARIO sheets available below under Related Products.

Price per pack of 5- $13.99



LIGHTHOUSE VARIO sheets are the brand trusted by experienced collectors all over the world. Why?

• VARIO sheets are as versatile as no other system and they come in 18 different variations. Whether you have multiple stamp sizes, souvenir sheets, booklets, coil stamps or FDCs- there is a VARIO sheet that fits just right. Also suitable for postcards, banknotes, phone cards, hotel room key cards, casino slot cards and whatever the collector’s heart desires.

• Black VARIO pages are double-sided with crystal clear pockets or strips on either side for plenty of space. Clear VARIO pages are one-sided so that the item can be viewed from both sides. Black interleaves provide an ideal back drop or serve to separate chapters.

• Different sheets can be mixed and matched to create an album that suits your needs.

• Black pages are made of Hard PVC; clear pages of polyester. Both are 100% acid- and chemical softener-free, and have been chosen by experienced collectors time and again.

• VARIO pages are made in Germany and have been for many years. Unlike generic sheets which may be sourced by the distributor from varying suppliers with questionable quality control procedures. LIGHTHOUSE guarantees a consistently high quality with its brand name.

And VARIO sheets are offered at a great price! Therefore, accept no imitations or generics and insist on genuine. LIGHTHOUSE VARIO pages- just look for the LIGHTHOUSE logo at the bottom of each page.

Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg
Dimensions 28 × 22 × 1 cm


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